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Treat muscle pain at Trigger Points Massage and Sports Injury Clinic I suffered from back pain for over ten years and was having to take pain killers every day, a friend recommended Kairen and after four treatments I was a new man! I now have a regular maintenance treatment which not only keeps me right but also leaves me feeling great ” 
Mark Ponteland 


Treat muscle pain at Trigger Points Massage and Sports Injury Clinic
"Exercising constantly for 30 plus years can take its toll.  Along with lower back ache and occasional spasms, elbow and shoulder joint discomfort and the fog of arthritis wrapping itself around me, it gradually dawned that exercise on its own is only part of the solution to my health and wellbeing.  
I visited Trigger Points of Ponteland.  Operating from a tastefully decorated, warm and comfortable unit on the Meadowfield Trading Estate, it presents a professional and welcoming environment. I met Kairen, owner of Trigger Points.  Following a diagnostic assessment, it was clear that she has in-depth knowledge and understanding of muscles and how massage therapy can improve circulation by bringing oxygen and other nutrients to body tissues, help clear lactic acid and other waste,  helping reduce and eliminate pain.
Treat muscle pain at Trigger Points Massage and Sports Injury Clinic
 I opted for a back massage.  She was able to pinpoint several trigger points that were causing my pain and discomfort.  The treatment was excellent.  Not only was it relaxing, thereby reducing stress, it significantly reduced the pain.  I recognise that a one-off treatment cannot in itself provide an immediate solution.  However, with Kairen able to offer sound holistic advice regarding posture and lifting, arising from her background as an international athlete, I know that I can keep my follow up treatments to an affordable minimum.  
 I would highly recommend Trigger Points as part of your long term health and wellbeing"  
Peter Ponteland
Treat muscle pain at Trigger Points Massage and Sports Injury Clinic "Being a serving soldier it's part of my job to keep fit and stay in shape, and I do this with a combination of running, cycling and weight training.  I heard about Trigger Points in the local gym and booked in to see Kairen with a left shoulder and upper back problem.  On arrival I only waited a very short time in a comfortable reception room before been met by Kairen and taken to the treatment room.  We firstly went through the normal formalities and discussed my work-out routines and my complaint.  The shoulder and back sports massage was intense and got right to the root of the problem.  Throughout the treatment i was briefed and advised on what was happening and the resulting findings, also some useful advice on preventative measures.  The whole process was conducted in a very professional manner in a clean and comfortable environment.  It's nearly two days since my treatment and I can definitely feel the benefits of  it - perhaps I should be booking on a more regular basis rather than letting the problem build up over time.  Thanks Kairen"
Col (Army officer)