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Massage and sports Injury
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What is sports injury massage?


Massage and its benefits for runners
Muscle Pain
Sports Injury Massage
weight loss
What is sports massage?


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Trigger Points massage and sports injury clinic

Massage and its benefits for runners

Massage and sports Injury

Hi, I'm Kairen and I own and manage Trigger Points Massage and Sports Injury Clinic in Ponteland.  I set up this business because I feel strongly that deep tissue massage, targeting trigger points, can help so many people who have muscle pain. 
I have established a lovely clinic on the Meadowfield Industrial Estate and decided to place advertisements in the Ponteland Directory.  I have been overwhelmed by the response from people from Ponteland and surrounding areas.  I now have a well established and very busy clinic. 
What's next?
Well. I am listening to clients and responding to the types of treatments that they want.  A treatment that is primarily for relaxation remains a key part of massage therapy.  However, many of us have  aches and pains, predominently muscular, that can be treated.  Many of my clients are now appreciating the benefits that treatment and mainenance massage can bring. 
I find that many people are initially reluctant to consider massage, but once tried the benefits can sometimes be immediate.  I plan to walk and talk you through a typical treatment so that you have a comprenensive understanding of what is involved.  First one coming soon.
Kairen x